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    Privacy Notice

    We are all sensitive to personal information (although this information is appropriate in the case). We will keep you on a secure server and fully respect all relevant laws of UK data protection and from time to time consumers.
    If you order this site, we will ask you to enter and collect from your personal information such as name, e-mail address, billing address, shipping address, phone number, product selection, credit card or other payment and password. We can also collect, and our advertising and third-party content providers are able to gather information and know if you are in the source URL, IP address, domain name type, (such as B. country is ËCOM) When you surf the web, the browser type, the country and your visit to see the page you click on your ad, you enter our website, every word search process Telefonvorwahlist your computer, our website ( "user info" ). We may collect this information even if you do not register with us.
    You should be aware that this site is monitored and can provide information about your visit, which will help us to understand our quality of service information.
    It confirms that you provide personal information (or public registers) and from which we can find out all the user information that sits in the Administrator according to our data. We only use your data for the following purposes:
    * We will process your order; * For statistical purposes, or conducting surveys to improve the website and its services; * In order to make the site content and advertise you; * To manage the site; * If you agree to the notice, the offer may be of your interest to you.
    You agree not to have any objection to the above mentioned by telephone, e-mail or the purpose of the mentioned in writing, we can confirm that this is not under the regulations (EC Directive) Regulation 2003 is considered to be one of privacy violations of any right electronic communication.
    When you create a shopping account, you will get an online order by mail, E-mail or phone, for example, we may be interested in the possibility of obtaining information about its products, promotions or special offers. If you do not want to be contacted for these purposes, be sure to check the appropriate box when you are finished registering.
    We take reasonable steps to ensure that we collect personal information, how to restrict physical access to our database server, and secure installation to prevent unauthorized access to electronic security systems to prevent the number of people from being protected. However, the data transmitted over the Internet can not be completely certain. Therefore, we can not guarantee or guarantee the information we send to us, so your own risk protection.
    Requires that all such third party personal information and all applicable UK data protection and consumer legislation be fully and completely complied with from time to time. We do not share personal information with external companies on the list, or for marketing purposes.
    We use cookies to maintain the current shopping session to personalize the experience so that you can retrieve your shopping cart at any time - if you do not accept the use of cookies can be found on this page.
    Please check for any updates or changes to our privacy policy on a regular basis. The area in the strategy should be.
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